Eight Queens Problem in Prolog

The aim of this problem is to place eight queens on the empty chessboard in such a way that no queen attacks any other one. There will be three distinct solutions given.

Solution 1

At first, we need to define a representation of the board. Each square of chessboard can be represented by a pair of X and Y coordinates. We can write such pair as X/Y, where / is only for visual purposes. We know that each queen should be at a different row or column thus, we can define a template as [1/Y1, 2/Y2, 3/Y3, 4/Y4, 5/Y5, 6/Y6, 7/Y7, 8/Y8]

We can generilize our solution with two cases. Case 1: THe list fo queens is empty. This is in fact a solution since there is no attack. Case 2. The list looks like this [X/Y|Others] Then we should look at three conditions for this case (1) There must be no attack in Others. Others must itself be a solution. (2) X and Y must be integers between 1 and 8. (3) X/Y must not attack any queen in Others. Our solution template means that all queens are in different columns. Then a) Y-coordinates should be different, b) they should not be in the same diagonal.  Then here is the algorithm:

After these

?- template(S), solution(S).

should give the solutions. Use ; to find more than one solution.

Solution 2

Here we do not explicity define x coordinates. It is automatically defined as 1,2,3… in a list in which Y coordinates are shown only. Solution then is in the form [Y1,Y2,Y3,Y4,Y5,Y6,Y7,Y8]. Where X coordinates are respectively 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.



gives the answers.

Solution 3

Here is the last solution. It also gives the Y coordinates and X coordinates are predetermined as in the above solution.



gives the answers.



Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence (4th Edition) (International Computer Science Series)  (A great book!)

11 thoughts on “Eight Queens Problem in Prolog

  1. thanks alot
    I have a question .if we want to determine the place of some queens and then solve the problem what should we do?

  2. to zz:
    For example in solution 1, you can change the template and take of the desired member from the list. I think that will solve your problem.

  3. the codes were great help. thanks.
    but i have a question. how should i go about it to make one for X number of queens on a X*X board?

  4. plz >>i need help
    i didn’t understand what the raw (11)in solution (3) is ,
    may you give an explanation.

    also i need an explanation for the last raw in solution 1.

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