I am Yigit Oktar, a cs grad turned out to be just another indie developer. (with a plan of getting back to academia in near future) I try to use this space to share ideas, experience regarding my journey as an independent programmer and experimenter. It is sometimes hard to narrow down your mind on certain topics so sometimes the posts may deviate. However, as we delve into many different subjects it is not hard to observe that those different-looking ideas and themes,  in fact have certain patterns in common.

In an example, I believe P vs NP challenge may in fact be formalized into many other different-looking problems. If one tries hard he/she will come up with a way to make a connection between two distant looking subjects.

There are various small snippets in the blog dated back to 5-6 years when I had just started coding. From now on, I will try to present my ideas more verbally and perhaps provide snippets when needed.

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