Problem #117

Public 05/25/14 8xp Math 46.2%

Let's define :
R2(x) = x^(1/2) (Square root)
R3(x) = x^(1/3) (Cubic root)

We can simplify the following expression:
R3(R3(2)-1) as
R3(1/9)-R3(2/9) + R3(4/9)

Latex code
$$ \sqrt[3]{\sqrt[3]{2}-1} = \sqrt[3]{1/9}-\sqrt[3]{2/9} \sqrt[3]{4/9} $$

Can you simplify R2(R3(3645)-R3(2916))?
Latex code
$$ \sqrt {\sqrt[3]{3645}-\sqrt[3]{2916}} $$

Format answer: a linear combination of radicands in increasing order using functions R2, R3 and without spaces.

Hint: The anwser involves only small integers ...

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