Problem #222

Fusible Numbers III
Public 02/27/15 8xp Programming 24.3%

A fusible number can be written in several ways as a ~ b for some fusible numbers a and b (a ≤ b)

For instance 101/64 = (3/4~45/32)(15/16~39/32)(31/32~19/16)

Find all such representations for 111/64

Answer format: Comma separated list of a~b where a ≤ b and first terms in ascending order
if (ai~bi) and (aj~bj) are 2 representations with i < j, then ai < aj )
A fusible a = p/2^q is represented as p.q (see problem 220).
Example: 3.2~45.5,15.4~39.5,31.5~19.4 // For 101/64

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