Problem #314

Cut it
Public 04/26/16 10xp Programming 26.1%

Cut the following square through the grid lines into 4 pieces in such a way that:
  • each piece has one black box
  • each piece is of similar shape by some rotation
  • Embedded Image Each piece is to be identified as a bitmap. Bits are numbered from 63 to 0 starting from top line to bottom. b63 b62 ... b56 b55 b54 ... b48 ... b7 b6 ... b0 After the cut, set the cells of a particular piece to 1 and others to 0 and get a 64-bit number as described above. For example we would have the following numbers (in uppercase hex) for the following: Embedded Image FFEF080000000000 0010F7FF00000000 00000000FFEF0800 000000000010F7FF A cut like this is identified by the smallest number. So it would be 10F7FF (leading zeroes are ignored) for the above example. Answer format: N1,N2,... (the smallest numbers for the appropriate cuts in uppercase hex and in ascending order)

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