Problem #344

Nonaic Huffman Coding
Public 07/26/16 8xp Programming 40.0%

Huffman Coding is a lossless data compression method that is based on the entropy of bit patterns in the data.

Usually for strings, conventional 8-bit (0-255) hashing is used for frequencies preceding actual coding. So, these 8-bit chunks directly correspond to well-know characters (such as a,b,c,etc. More specifically ASCII encoding) So, for this problem assume ASCII encoding for characters.

This problem asks to use Huffman coding scheme on this text file, but using 9-bit chunks for frequencies and then actual coding. Also, for this problem you do not need to account for additional information to ensure decompression.

File is currently 68337 bytes. Submit the compressed file size below in bytes. (where file does not include any information for decompression)

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Time may end, but hope will last forever.

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