Problem #366

Lonely runners
Public 09/15/16 5xp Programming 42.9%

n runners are on a circular track of length 1.
At t = 0, they are all in the same position and start to run in the same direction.

A runner $ R_i $ is said lonely at time t if he is at a distance of at least $ \frac{1}{n} $ of every other runners.

There are 10 runners with the following speed : $ 13,163,353,389,487,491,563,797,857,881 $
A speed $ V_i $ means that the runner $ R_i $ completes the track in $V_i$ unit of time.

At which time all runners have been lonely at least once?
(The time t is discrete and should always be an integer)

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Time may end, but hope will last forever.

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