Problem #376

Red flag
Public 02/27/17 6xp Math 36.0%

Letter Measure Length
G Width
A Distance between the centre of the outer crescent and the seam of the white band 1⁄2 G
B Diameter of the outer circle of the crescent 1⁄2 G
C Distance between the centres of the inner and outer circles of the crescent 1⁄16 G
D Diameter of the inner circle of the crescent 2⁄5 G
E Distance between the inner circle of the crescent and the circle around the star 1⁄3 G
F diameter of the circle around the star 1⁄4 G
L Length 3⁄2 G
M Width of the white hem at the hoist 1⁄30 G
If the total area of the flag is equal to 1 (that means G×(L+M)=1) what is the area of red part rounded to 10 digits after the decimal point? Note that the dotted circle around the star is drawn for illustration purpose and actually is a part of the red area.

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