Problem #391

Self avoiding paths
Public 04/13/17 7xp Programming 75.0%

In the equilateral triangle lattice plan, let's point O be the origin.

A self avoiding path is built as follow :
- We start from O.
- At each step we choose one of the 6 neighbour points which has not been visited yet.

We set a value on the 6 vectors starting from a given point as follow:

We can thus associate a number to each path : the concatenation of the values of the vectors in that path.

For instance, the path given in the 1st figure has the value: 2134.

How many self avoiding paths with 12 points are there?
How many of these paths correspond to a palindromic value?

Answer format: Count-paths,Count-palindromic

You are given 618,30 for 5 points

[My timing: 30 sec]

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